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Amber Weather Warning...
Storms last night were bad enough to wake even me. Amazy took it all quite well, apart from being on the bed, edging ever nearer to the pillows, as the heavens performed.
Alas, the air was not cleared,and today was super bloody hot. I had my 'workout' done well before 9, and figured I'd make a quick foray to ASDA before it got totally intolerable. Of course, every other old crock in the area had the same idea...
Yesterday, I got away from it all by crawling to Venn Street and getting me some rock'em, sock'em 3D  PLANET OF THE APES action. It was really pretty good, quite serious, even rather moving, at times, and the apes, led by the expert in motion-capture, Andy Serkis, couldn't be more convincing. The air conditioning was excellent, too!
The heat agrees with R Next Door, who is actually talking a bit, now and then. I mentioned I was going to the pictures, and she reminded me of how maddening she can be.(see VERY quick, crude doodles-) Apart from levels of political incorrectness shocking even to me, she's so spiteful about people getting any sort of benefit (since she lost hers-) doesn't think there should be old age pensions, or a 'free' NHS, and the thought of me copping a cheap seat in a half-empty cinema, not to mention coffee and ginger nuts,just for being geriatric, sent her into a frenzy of disapproval.

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You got coffee and biscuits too? Awesome!

R... words fail me! And I love the pink-skirt lady letting it all hang out, all bets are off in the heat and the skimpies come out. That'll be me one day. >_< .

Edited at 2014-07-18 07:53 pm (UTC)

Yes, and their coffee is excellent, too.
You couldn't make R's offensive rants up. That's why she's such a valuable person to know, I think.

That woman really struts it; gets thrown out of places sometimes for over-exposure. Could be she had to wear three-piece suits or something for most of her life, so now she's really rockin' it. Good luck to her.

Edited at 2014-07-27 02:56 pm (UTC)

R is definitely a gift that keeps giving :-)

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