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Crap DVDs...
Toiling through series one of DA VINCI'S DEMONS. It's improved slightly. (At least the full-frontals are now uncropped.)
'Leo' also said at his sodomy stitch-up trial that he  was interested in all experience, I suppose as a sop to annoyed LGBT viewers...
It has also recently dawned on me that my favourite character of a dull bunch, the gawky apprentice Nico, is actually young Mr. Machiavelli.
In the last ep I saw, our man had a set-to with Dracula!
Evidently there's already been a second series of this guff, and critical response has been generally good! Now, I'm a big fan of insane OTT stuff, but somehow this series manages to be generally dull as well as deranged. The 'Leonardo' actor is a proper plank, which doesn't help.
Really struggling to get any work done. Worked out extra-early today because of the heat, but haven't made use to the time...Dentist this afternoon. (More discussion of my poor whitening results.) Grunt.

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Lovin' the monster piccies.

Heat's wiping me out too, as I'm not sleeping well.

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