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OoeyGooey, IckySticky...
Argh...Fortunately, there's still some cloud about, but when the sun does burn through, it's grossly vile. I got the exercising out of the way early, but I was still sneezing, with burning eyes, throat, etc. Feck...A chirpy R4 announcer declared bouncily that yes, a heat wave is in store, and by the end of the week we might be 'enjoying'  the 'magic  30 degrees.'  Bugger right off and die, lady.
Started watching DA VINCI'S DEMONS, which is abysmal; stupidest thing I've seen since DA VINCI CODE, actually..
He's presented as a quaffing, wenching young swashbuckler.("Fuck me again, Leonardo...") The credits, and other odd bits of animation aren't bad, and there are a few good actors involved, but all in all, oy vey...Oh yes, there's a naked cameo from Hugh Bournville, for some reason. Arf.(Men strip off quite a bit, but they only show bums and down to the pubes, which somehow looks even sillier than dangly bits.)
I'm trying to get a bit more of  the Atalanta strip sorted today, although I just want to bloody well sleep.


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Really?? Thirty fricken' degrees?? Jesus, I'm finding it too hot as it is :-/

Ooh I remember being up in London this time last year- it was painful! ALSO I have that hatred of taking shoes off at airports- luckily last time i didn't have to, but they did have to get my cheese sarnie out my coat pocket and put it through the scanner again- I suppose a french stick wrapped in tinfoil, hidden in a coat pocket wasn't the best idea i've ever had.

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