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Stultifying Saturday...
Bugger...a steamy, sweaty, sneezywheezy sort of day. Snuffle. Heat wave predicted for next week, too.
Latest Louis malle film: ZAZIE DANS LE METRO. It's much loved, I know. but not by me... Tedious whimsy.
Cute kid, though. Evidently that was her only film. She became a historian.
I'd hoped to get myself motivated with the 'Do one thing today' business. Make a start on the Atalanta strip, I said...and actually, I sort of did; a page of VERY rough pencils. Considering how crushing the fatigue and depression is, these days, I rule.


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Yeah, I spent most of the day sitting in front of the fan. Cooled down a bit now.

Yay for getting pencil roughs done.

That's funny; there was a fat kid in my kindergarten class named Robert Johnson, and because we were both fat, people always thought of him as my boyfriend.

I'm totally enthralled by the Atalanta story. I'm looking forward to reading your strip when it's done.

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