Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Stoopid Animal...

The cat on the bed thing is just out of hand. I mean, I'm hardly hygiene-obsessed, but it's bad for my asthma. She won't stop, though. I spray Febreze on the covers to put her off, but she's got used to it.  I have to chase her off the bed a million times a day, and it's just not working. (Close the bedroom door? Ha! Reader, you're obviously not a cat minion!)
Now,she's totally going WAY too far, by burrowing under the covers to spread her allergen-laden dander and drool all over the sheets and pillows. What to feckin' do? (Besides hoover the bedding every day...)

2014-07-07 07.34.00-22014-07-06 11.09.26

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