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The cat on the bed thing is just out of hand. I mean, I'm hardly hygiene-obsessed, but it's bad for my asthma. She won't stop, though. I spray Febreze on the covers to put her off, but she's got used to it.  I have to chase her off the bed a million times a day, and it's just not working. (Close the bedroom door? Ha! Reader, you're obviously not a cat minion!)
Now,she's totally going WAY too far, by burrowing under the covers to spread her allergen-laden dander and drool all over the sheets and pillows. What to feckin' do? (Besides hoover the bedding every day...)

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Have you tried bathing her once a week?

I'm allergic to cats too and that's what I did for mine until she passed. I guess that it helped.

Aw, look at that face! Lovely to see a photo of her after your many splendid drawings. I contain the fur thing with a cheapo blanket which I can bundle up and remove/wash - I find that easier than (ugh) vacuuming, but I don't have an allergy problem so I'm not sure if that would be enough in your situation.

I have started putting an extra throw on top, and tucking it in, which helps if she doesn't manage to burrow.
Can't see bathing happening. I don't think you're supposed to do it that often, anyway. I do use the 'furminaor', which she loves. several times a week, and give her a once-over with pet wipes.

I have never yet had a cat I would so much as mention bathing in front of.

bloody cats - you've just got to love them.

My cat sleeps on its blanky. I've got some old soft baby blankets with I put in assorted places where the cat likes to nap.

It might take a bit of effort on your part but you should with a few harsh words be able to convince the cat thet while on your bed it has to sleep on its blanket at the end of the bed.

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