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"Artist Date"...
Went to the NPG for the BP (hiss-) Portrait Award show. As usual, mostly samey, characterless stuff, although technically excellent, My favourite pieces were the portraits of a woman who looks rather like Anais Nin, by students. and a lively picture of an elderly fashion model by Richard Twose.. It's always very crowded, and loads of school kids were shoving and yakking and standing in front of stuff sketching. One girl was about 12, and she was producing a very accurate copy of a photorealist portrait, at super-speed. She was pretty, too; Harumph!
I went to the OAP's Lunch Club, and the food was rather better, this time proper veggies. It's so grim, though, I wouldn't want to go often.
Watched another Louis Malle film, LES AMANTS, which evidently caused a scandal with its 'obscenity' when it came out, but I can't think why. Another simple story; Rich dullard's neglected wife spends time with her friend in Paris. where 50's 'sophisticates' are swanking and sexing all the time. She has a fling with a polo-playing playboy, then loses her heart to a man who gives her a lift when her car breaks down, and they run off together. That is all.
I really shouldn't allow myself into Cass Arts unless I actually need something. Ended up spending £10 I don't really have on a half-price box of  'art bars' of which I have no experience, to faff about with.

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Oh I just watched that TV show, Tales From the Royal Wardrobe. I can't believe all those layers of clothing and whalebones that they put on the narrator with the lisp for the Elizabethan Example. It looked like the Marshmellow Man from Ghostbusters. She couldn't even put her arms down, they just stuck out to the side. It was like being an artificial Really Fat Person with huge arms and thighs.

And I always wondered how women in the sixteenth through nineteenth century wrestled their voluminous skirts to tinkle. Now I know that they didn't. No underwear to peel down.

I'll be watching this one. Yeah, I'm interested in the "basics" of life.

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