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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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60's New York...
Watched INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, which was quite good, but as I'd feared, made me all melancholy. One of the streets that kept appearing, looked exactly like where I used to live in uni, on East 68th. It was beautiful, a 'rich people's' street. Oh well, at least the cat survived.
Started fooling around with the strip a bit, but not actually bloody doing anything.
Those foam injections for my varicose veins really haven't worked. They're worse than ever.
I am just grumpy today.Nothing to say but meh.


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I hated Inside Llwelyn Davis. It was one of those Coen Brothers movies that just faded into boring for me. It didn't go anywhere. I realize that Llwelyn Davis, the character, didn't go anywhere and had an abortive career (but not the child), but it made for a very unimaginative and dull movie for me.

It was like their The Man Who Wasn't There. What was the purpose of an hour or more of pretty much nothing?

I have been a Coen Brothers fan ever since Blood Simple which I still can watch and enjoy. But sometimes the Coen Brothers just don't miss the mark, they aren't even aiming at it that I can tell.

But then I've never lived in NYC so I wasn't location spotting for that movie. But it is a fun thing to do for other movies and TV shows shot in places where I have been and lived.

I think it is great that you are getting so much positive re-enforcement on your body and life change from other people. You must be a "character" that so many people have noticed you over the years and have remarked on your "change" of life. Have you much farther to go?

Yeah, I have to see it if only for the locations; what I've heard is that for many of the shots they had to use alleyways, so the buildings will look run-down and be less likely to be renovated.

And I've lived in NYC for 30 years, so I'm bound to find something of interest about the movie.

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