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Mardy Monday...
Spent ages trying to get through to anyone at Lambeth Living to get this shit sorted. You can't even leave messages for the people you actually need, because their mailboxes are always full, then you end up with some poor drone, and you never get called back. Then they send you another threatening letter. Twitch.
In my insanity I've booked for a coach trip in December to Nuremberg, Bamberg (the cathedral!) and Wurzburg. I'll be solo again *Sigh* which means I had to pay nearly £100 extra...but I got the £20 early booking discount.
Poor old Rolf Harris got convicted of kiddy fiddling, but I find myself believing he can't be guilty. Of course, being soppy over animals doesn't make you immune to being bad in other ways...

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Alas I can't share your sentiments about Rolf Harris:(

Though I was surprised that they found him guilty, not because I didn't think he was guilty, but more because I felt that some members of the jury might have had a sentimental attachment to him and didn't want him to go to jail.

I've certainly never been a fan,but I did sometimes see him in a series about animal hospitals, and he came across as a warm, caring type, unlike Jimmy Savile who was always an obvious creep. Like the man said, "a Jekyll and Hyde character"

I feel sad about the Rolf Harris affair too - however, I don't whether I do believe he did it, or whether I am in denial. Saville was definitely strange and Stuart Hall was oily - but Rolf didn't seem to be in that category. Pretty soon, we will not see any footage 70's TV progs as everyone will be edited out :-(

(Catching up on LJ after a week away...) I believe it about Rolf Harris, alas. A well-known radio/TV person here in NZ said that when she was interviewing him on the radio he tried to grope her. She is completely believable, so that's that for me. Bastard.

I'm glad you've managed to scrape together the shekels for a trip away. I went to Wurzburg way back in the 80s and it was the best place ever for Gothic excess. One church in particular was like an explosion in an angel factory.

Ohh, I know nothing about Wurzburg. I was going mainly for Bamberg Cathedral. Definitely looking forward to as much Gothic excess as possible!

On ponderation I realise it was actually rococo excess, but that's just as good. I'll see if I can work out which church it was (although I think it was pretty famous so you're unlikely to miss it).

Wrong again! It's actually baroque. I'm pretty sure this is the one - it's the Hofkirche at the Residenz, which is a major tourist site. Here's a pic if you want to be tantalised, although personally I like to be surprised by those churches, esp as they're often so plain on the outside.

Thanks. Hope I'll get a chance to see it.
I was wondering...Angel explosions tend to be baroque!

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