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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Morning Moping...
life is pain
Feeling very low. Got yet another frightening green striped envelope of anguish from the Council yesterday morning. Once they get their claws in, they really never let go. This time, I'm almost sure it's their incompetence to blame, but without a lot of time, support and probably money, you can't fight 'em. I just want peace. It sucks quite enough to be plunged back  into a breadline life, after a brief period of relative prosperity, without being hassled all the time. Fap.Of course, when you try to clear things up, you can never get through to anyone, they don't return calls, and yudda yudda...
Nothing on TV, either. Saw the first ever INSPECTOR MONTALBANO, which I think I'd missed, last night. I just don't care for it. I was fascinated, though, about how the length of his stubble varies wildly from scene to scene.
Thinking about my sister a lot. I worry about her health. Another example of the unfairness of life. She's five years younger than I, and even though she's spent her life 'eating clean' to the point of starving herself, and following a punitive exercise regime that would humble R Next Door, to avoid 'getting like Lee', she seems to be even unhealthier than I am.Her determination to live as a sort of anchorite, out in the boonies, with her semi-detached husband, is scary, too. She was so outgoing as a youngster. She's not even into social media,or the arts, any more, just meditation... Heaven knows, maybe she's right, but it still seems like a needlessly grim lifestyle, to me.

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Does your council have any customer service centres left? Might be worth going to see someone face to face?

I'm just going through all my paperwork at the moment, partly spurred on by the threat of redundancy that has now, thankfully, passed. I am determined to get up to London soon, will keep you posted and hopefully be able to help you.

No worries. We're in the same boat. I whinge, but I'm not penniless *yet*. Would, of course, love to meet up, though.
Good to hear the redundancy scare has fizzled! :D

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