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Seen on Brompton Road: A wee man looking a bit like Wayne Sleep casually mincing along with a beautiful blue parrot serenely perched on each shoulder. He was also arrayed in shades of blue. How I fuckin' love London...

Went into Harrod's again, but still couldn't find the Diana/Dodi shrine, and was embarrassed to ask. I wonder if it's been quietly 'retired', now that El Fayed is no longer around? There were some truly mindboggling big bags and backpacks, all spikes and studs, but I couldn't find a price tag. Lots of the 'on sale' stuff was still 500 squid or so. Also noticed scarves similar to the ones I buy at market stalls or outside tube stations "2 for £5" for about £65 each. Jeez...I also saw something I fancied in the food hall. A booted and suited man was filling a bag with soft, fresh bacon and cheese croissanty things (I
was having a naughty meat moment---) They were about £3 each and probably 700 calories or so, but I WANTED...You could tell by the expression of avid greed on the yuppie's face that he was addicted to them. Ah, the smell...
By the time I got home I was ravenous, so decided to give the OAP lunch club another go. Being Friday, it was fish and chips again. As bad as last time, but I went really heavy with the condiments to give it some flavour. I'd asked for coffee with no sugar, but they ignored that, and when I took a swig, I almost threw up in my mouth. The pudding was 'cherry pie' and I was hoping for something real, but it was some kind of mass produced thing again, and utterly inedible. Once again, drowned in custard, too, although I'd asked them to be sparing. Evidently they're raising the prices next week because they're losing so much money. (Once again, there were only three other people there, and the screeching Carol.)
She was going on about how  "we always get fresh food for the pensioners, no frozen here" when it was obvious even to the senile guy they call 'Young Man' that we were pecking at Iceland's finest. And then there was the strange radioactive- looking squash stuff... (See doodle-)
I went on to exercise, as I hadn't done it this morning, and luckily there was no one about, as I actually did barf a bit, in the bushes! I still want to try again, just to see what they dish up on Mondays and Wednesdays, as Friday will always be fish and chips!
Latest DVD: an adaptation of AS I LAY DYING, which was OK-ish. That's a book I've started several times, but failed to get anywhere with. It's strange. I devoured MOBY DICK as a child, and had no problems with ULYSSES or WAR AND PEACE (once I'd seen the BBC version and put faces to the zillion characters-), which are supposed to be such hard and heavy reads, but AS I LAY DYING has always stumped me.
Frightening confession on DESERT ISLAND DISCS: The mother/trainer of Andy Murray brazenly asked for  THE DA VINCI CODE as her shipwrecked-and-stranded book!!! She must have been joking...

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You were so gracious when you declined the 1 Calorie Glub.

I would have taken it and made sure that she saw me throw it away unopened when I left the place.

I'm not sure cherry pie can travel beyond US borders. Although even if if could it's unlikely it would survive the Iceland treatment.

I studied As I Lay Dying in my 20th Century American Lit paper at university. It was a struggle, but because I had to get through it I did, and I was happy I had in the end. There were very strong echoes of that Southern Gothic thing he does so well in Donna Tartt's amazing book The Little Friend, too. Southern Gothic's highly appropriate of course if you're watching True Detective!

The guy who plays the father in the film, is incredibly 'orrible-looking. I must read it properly some day. SOUND AND THE FURY, too.
Oh no, you can get some damn fine cherry pie here,but this was the kind that has that jam-like filling, and weird soggy-synthetic crust, etc.

That picture reminds me of Odin with his two ravens.

Edited at 2014-06-28 01:20 am (UTC)

Yes, think he may have had a bit of a god-fixation. He was a very swanky little man.

"How I fuckin' love London..."

I feel the same way about New York.

Re: "How I fuckin' love London..."

I'm from NY and I loved it too. I wouldn't want to live anywhere but a big city full of crazy stuff and culture.

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