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blackcat000/1044147417_red_result.jpg" border="0" alt="You see the world in Red">
Aren't you the romantic? Life is poetic. If you
don't already, write poetry, you're good at it.

What color do you see the world in?
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Feeling crabby after a long launderette session, with sodden duvets, etc. smothering my poetic soul. Everything's still that little bit damp, despite feeding over £2 into the driers. Gotta try and get everything reasonably neat & clean for the Brussels break. Renate will be in here looking after Wotan, and if she starts snooping, I don't want my bedclothes and furniture throws reeking frowsily. I'll also have to hide my diaries, porny artworks, etc.etc. Paranoia, of course, but I tend to believe everybody is as nosy/prurient as I am...We certainly 'picked' a good time to travel abroad, and all. If terrorists don't get us, we'll probably cop a dose of Death Flu at Heathrow...
Taped a documentary about a whorehouse late last night; must check that out, when I get the tidying-up done. I've always had this fantasy that it would be a relatively good way to earn a crust, being a madam. Don't think I'd want to be an actual prostitute, (as if anyone would pay me...)All those drunk guys with personal hygeine problems- I wouldn't mind being a dominatirix, though. It would be a good laugh, for a while, and you don't have to actually exchange fluids. From my own experience as a part-time pornography writer years ago, however,sexwork gets very boring very quickly, and worse, makes you start to lose interest in actually doin' it, which is No Good At All.
Reason to be Cheerful of the day: I finally got my 'Freedom Pass' entitlement, which I should have had at least a year ago, only they were too mean to give it up without appeals, etc. Excellent; no more scary fare-dodging and/or paying for lousy bus service out of my below-the-breadline benefit. Arf!

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