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Bloody summer! I've felt quite ill the last couple of days, with flu-like allergy anguish, and have just been lying down with the cat, reading in the afternoon. I get my exercising done, but that's about it, as far as functioning goes.
I went to the dentist about my disappointing whitening, but when I got there they said he was running very late, and maybe I'd like to come back tomorrow instead of waiting for hours in the crowded, hot lobby? Feck.
I schlepped on to the Mall Galleries, and stopped to watch the changing of the guard, as it was happening as I passed. It's a dull business. Still, if I'm there at the same time, I always have to stop and watch, in case it ever gets any more interesting, I guess. I felt really sorry for the poor sods in the heat, today, in their helmets and cuirasses. I really don't know how they manage.
Carried on to the little free show of work from the Threadneedle Figurative Art people. Nothing exciting, but some very decorative stuff. Including a little watercolour by Una Stubbs. I'm really quite charmed by her work.

Latest rumour on the estate is that they're going to knock down the towers in four years. I can't really see the point of that, since they've just spent so much on new kitchens, bathrooms and fire doors...Word is, of course, that it's all mutual backscratching with the contractors, and the council needs to blow a certain amount of money every ye, come what may. I honestly can't see it happening, though. I certainly hope not. I'd certainly be shipped off to a smaller flat, out in some grim, remote suburb. Wandsworth Road may be pretty grim itself, but at least it's quite central.


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