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Alarming Educational Telly, Etc ...

The summer universal sport frenzy has driven me to gawping at wildlife programmes and such, that I might not ordinarily watch...Must say the sex life of Antipodean marsupials looks rather grim. I could certainly do without ever seeing another echidna penis... and pity the poor kangaroos. The alpha male has to fight off a cheeky romantic rival while actually on the job with a wearily resigned-looking female. Their bits are very peculiar, too.
Channel Five has yet another 'Look at the Scrounging Paups' series on, LIFE ON THE DOLE. The teen parents, despite being pig-ignorant semi-literates came off quite well, aspirational for their baby who they want to be educated proper, even if she's just going to marry Prince George. Another boy seemed genuinely outraged that he hadn't grown up to be a millionaire footballer. Despite his obvious total uselessness, he managed to score a seasonal job. (I think they must have hired him just for the TV-) He promptly quit and went back on the dole. There was the usual ranting about immigrants, including 'the Slatvians' snaffling what jobs there are...Actually, I have to confess...I think that to be 'really British' you probably should learn to speak English...and that includes the native-born wot can't speak intelligibly.
I must be emanating some hyper-butchy vibes today, got 'Sir'd twice in the Tate-red lippy and all!
I had an artist date with BRITISH FOLK ART which really is very good. Annoyingly, it was already rather busy, although I went at opening time. There are many objects you could just stand and gape at for ages, especially the amazingly well-crafted quilt collaborated on by a couple who later married, which features, amongst a multitude of intriguing images, an 'Ally Sloper' panel. Crafty types will go mad for the eyepopping needlework, throughout. My favourite section was the room of imposing figureheads. One, in particular, a haughty blonde popsy, entranced me with her  alarmingly lifelike glaring eyes. I thought they were glass, at first, but it was just the high gloss paint catching the light. She put me in mind of that 'Atalanta' story, which was obviously a sign that I must do that strip....
There are loads of good books, posters, and objects of desire in the shop. Could not afford. The catalogue is 20 quid.
Idiotically, I bought a ticket only for the Folk Art, not noticing until too late  that you can get admission for the Kenneth Clarke show for only a few quid more. Now if I want to see that, I have to pay full whack. Nuts!
It's quite gorgeous out, warm but fresh, with a bit of breeze. Proper summer weather, to my taste, but very rare.
The lift is mended! It's been six weeks or more. You would think that after all that, it would have been cleaned before the grand re-opening. *Sigh*


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