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Cursed Seductress Figurehead...
robot maria
Found it at long last. I've been trying to trace this strange tale for decades, and here it is. Well-timed, too, as I want to use it in a strip.,2471233

Originally, I believed she was in the Louvre, but men weren't allowed to look, lest they go mad and top themselves.
Don't know what affect she has on lesbians...
atalanta curse atalanta sexyThis one's sexier...
I find her a bit drab...

I'm wearing size 18 trousers today. Hup!  (Of course, sizes vary greatly, and the ones I'm wearing are 'easy-fit' , with elasticated waistband. I'm probably really still 20/22)  Still, it says right there on the label 18. Chortle.

 Reading about the Chelsea Hotel. It's always fascinated me.

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I love stories like these - will pass this on to a friend of mine, who writes horror stories :-)

Have you read Patti Smith's book about her life with Robert Mappelthorpe? Lots of bonus material on the Chelsea in that.

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