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Too Damn Hot...
It's not even July yet. Not fair! I went back to Somerset House, after exercising, to see the Beryl Bainbridge exhibit. THIS time I couldn't get in until it opened at noon. Very weird hours. It's not open at all Monday and Tuesday. I parked myself in the courtyard which was fairly cool, with the fountain spurting, and had a (£2.80 !) flat white, until I could get in. It's a fab free show, though. I enjoyed it enormously. I've always really liked Beryl Bainbridge, her books, and her broadcast personality.I'd seen a few of her paintings and liked them,too, but there's quite a bit more, here. They're also running  that BERYL'S LAST YEAR documentary, and an ARENA excerpt showing her at work on a canvas.
She had wonderfully weird taste in decor, of course, and some of her vast collection of strange objets  are on view. Like me, she was a fan of lurid religious art, and owned some gems. I particularly liked a splendidly cheap and nasty 'porcelain' plate with "Padre Pio Pray For Us" and the old boy's face on it. I couldn't live with all that taxidermy, though. Yetch.
Went straight home and out of the sun, and pollen storms. Luckily, the diversions haven't been much of a problem this week. Watched another prize-winning, highly hyped film, L'INCONNU DU LAC, which was perfectly good, if it hadn't been so oversold. Intriguing characters, a bit of mystery and suspense, and fit naked men full-frontalling frequently. It was quite OK.

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and indeed any garment or accessory involving feathers

The real problem with taxidermy is needing a climate controlled, light-shielded and fully insect proof space to keep it in.

Re: and indeed any garment or accessory involving feathers

Whatever, still dead animules. Creeps me out.I can cope with it in a museum or something, but never at home.

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