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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Another Wasted Day...
Just exercised (got caught in a shower-) and went to ASDA. Then I just faffed about and watched GRAVITY. Wasn't that supposed to be all profound and moving and stuff? I've seen worse, of course, but it was still pretty plastic. I also watched a bit more of VIKINGS, series one, which is growing on me a bit.
If anyone fancies the ENO BENVENUTO CELLINI I posted about yesterday, apparently it's going to be screened 'in selected cinemas', for those who can't get to London/ can't get tickets/can't afford what tickets there are. It's well worth seeing, as I said; lively spectacle, bouncy Berlioz, great singing.

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Lovely sketches! You make me want to draw too... but I'm starting to feel I've forgotten how.
R's façade is crackling, methinks she loves to wallow in misery too much.

Thanks for the heads up! I would love to see this. (Going to see NT Lear next week too.)

Think you'll enjoy both. The LEAR was excellent.

Yes, I remember you gave it the thumbs up. I'm looking forward to it.

Saw Gravity a few weeks ago - or at least tried to before giving up about a third of the way through. It was so bloody sexist, with the woman wibbling and quivering while big strong George Clooney quipped his way manfully through danger. Vomit. But it was the scientific howlers that put the tin lid on it. Jaysus. I couldn't believe it was so well reviewed.

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