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Fuck Me, I'm Completely Insane!

Have just discovered that I seem to have accidentally submitted to an anthology one of the very,very tedious 'diary of a depressive' one-pagers that I sometimes do so that I've produced something on days when I'm just incapable of even trying to do better . I suppose they're not much worse than a lot of the other stuff I usually turn out.. only even sloppier, more self-obsessed, and pointless. ( That is, right beyond the pale...) I think I must have been photocopying a lot of stuff, and just bunged it unnoticed, in the envelope with the other bits I was submitting.
Well, they've only bloody published it! HAAAAAHaHaHa....Actually, it really is quite funny; What Fools These Mortals Be, etc.
Feeling quite sad about and spooked by the assassination in Belgrade. This world really does seem to be circling the drain, and there seems so little that the average person can do, except protest and be ignored, or (my solution-) numb yourself with various types of fiction, and obsess about your own bellybutton fluff...Back to the drawing board... La la la...

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