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My Media-Obsessed Monkey Mind...

Watched TWELVE YEARS A SLAVE, expecting to be underwhelmed because of all the OTT praise and hype. It is worth seeing, though; very moving and beautifully done.
Any Devil's Sky subscribers watching PENNY DREADFUL? It looks terrific  fun, fine cast, etc. but I'll have to wait for the DVDs. Bah.
Got a Silver Screen deal on X-MEN: FUTURE PAST, which I fully expected to be shite, but it's fantabulosa:

  • The 3D stuff is tremendous, better than GODZILLA

  • Peter Dinklage is in it

  • There's Mr Jackman's torso.

  • There are gigantic flying robots with fiery heads!

  • Magneto consummately rocks in two time frames.


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