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For the love of Mighty Fuck!!!'
I'm not having much luck with going to see the Julian Schnabel thing. I don't even like him much. I thought I should do something today, though so after a wet and melancholy workout, I set off...The traffic was unbelievable. There are a lot of diversions about, and a great deal of siren sounding and cop car activity. It took about 40 minutes to get to the Strand, and after waiting nearly half an hour for a 91, I just thought fuck it, had a short mooch in the National Gallery and went home. Bugger.
I was considering a Leger coach trip  for Christmas markets (discount if you book before the end of June-) in Nuremberg, Bamberg (NEED to see that cathedral-) and Wurzburg, but H said no. It's six days, too long for her to take off from work before Christmas, and what with her misfortunes on our last two jaunts, she's frit. SHIT. I may go alone, but will have to pay single supplement then, and it's already £500. Fap.


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