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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Wet And Weedy...
Originally posted by crazycrone at Wey & Weedy...
Manky morning, but luckily I managed to exercise between showers. R Next Door was lurking at a distance, and I saw her walk away from one of the other dogwalkers, who was obviously trying to chat, leaving him goldfishing in bafflement.. She did return my hello, but when I was obviously nearly done, she stumped off and definitely didn't want to walk back to the flats with me.
*Sigh* Miss mah frienemy,
It seems EASTENDERS' Shirley is really Mick's mother not his sister. This is pretty common in Walford, going on past revelations. I didn't realise this until I saw it on a Soap Magazine cover. Last week after falling out (again) with son Dean, and the revelation that she had tried to drown lil' Mick, Shirley went on one of her benders, and was picked up lying in the street wrapped around a vodka bottle, by Phil( who is getting really soft these days.) The cliffhanger was a closeup of Phil's boggling face as Shirley threw herself into Mick's arms after wailing on about her 'little boy' (Dean, I thought-) I hadn't picked up on it, and wondered what Phil was gaping at. I'm getting slow in my dotage.


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OK -- I finally figured out why this entry turned up twice in a row in my friends feed. Elizabeth mirrored it!

Don't understand wot that was all about. "I didn't do it"...

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