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Another bloody visit to the vet over with. Still get all nervous as the time comes around. Wotan himself is quite funny. When he gets there, he has to be dragged out of the box, and then sits all hangdog, with his back to the vet, burrowing into me, to ensure optimum guilting-out. He moults furiously throughout the procedure, despite being brushed before the expedition, ans finishes off by 'collapsing' heavily, so that it's really difficult to get him back in the box. He stays a 'dead weight' lump all the way home, then as he gets inside and smells the homely aroma of piss, disinfectant and ganja in the lift, he starts frisking and vocalising enthusiastically. Once indoors, he screams to be fed and then retires, still rather surly, with his catnip cigar. Stoopid animals...
The AS Byatt SCRIBBLING documentary was nearly as riveting as the Newman one, although with her literary track record, the Dame was, of course, far more composed and confident than the desperate and ditzy Rob Newman. She bloody writes in longhand, she does. She also works best in the South of France, as you do...
It fascinates me no end to see stuff like this, though, all the objects, animals, desks and coffee mugs of other people writing. They should do a big, long series. I want one every week.

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