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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Fat Hatred At The Opera...
Check out Glyndebourne's much maligned mezzo  Tara Erraught on the right.This girl was totally vilified by at least five critics for her 'unsightly' appearance, and will probably need PTS counselling. (Well, I would!)

I should be so 'dumpy, stocky, chubby'
Granted, the costume and wig are hideous, but that's hardly her fault.

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Sweet baby Jesus. Since when has not being a size zero opera singer been a crime? I saw the last Met Ring tonight and there wasn't one principal who didn't have a bit of padding. I thought it was supposed to help the voice.

It is. I mean, some singers are naturally slim, but in general, it does help to have a moderate amount of padding. (You needn't be super-sized, either, but you gotta keep your strength up, especially peeps who sing heavy Wagner, etc. all the time.)

I don't get it! She really doesn't look fat or even chunky to me. The worst that can be said about the costume is that it's a bit too ordinary...


(From http://fuckyeahsarahconnolly.tumblr.com/ )

Sarah Conelly... no skinny sylph or spring chicken but looking AMAZING. Octavian needs dramatic costume. Even so, if it was a small production without much cash for cozzies I could forgive a bad wig and uninspired clothes, however, the rudeness was unwarranted and to me, inexplicable. She looks fine!

Yes that's a brilliant costume. The Glyndebourne one is actually a lot worse than it looks in the photo. It doesn't seem to fit her properly, and the material is all stiff and wrinkly-looking. She isn't fat, but she is short and roundish, and it just didn't suit her. Of course, Octavian is a horny teenager, and most of them look more like Harry Enfield as 'Kevin' than anything glam.

Which one is supposed to be the FAT one?

I mean, I want to be in on the FAT Slut Shaming with everyone else. :-p

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