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Chronic Fatigue Funk...
Didn't know Ed Miliband was at New Covent Garden down the road this morning. He ate a bacon sarnie (I thought he was Jewish?) and gladhanded geekily. There are no proper socialists running around here, so I think I'll vote Green tomorrow.
Speaking of bacon, I learned an excellent German word from today's Grauniad, "kummerspeck" (Grief bacon!) referring to emotional overeating, which apart from a couple of days of barely eating at all after the benefit loss shock, is what I've been doing for the last couple of weeks. It must stop, but I'm too exhausted and woeful to control myself.
I only started watching HAPPY VALLEY last week, and I'd been missing out; tense thriller with a fair amount of yucky violence. Last night's episode ended on a neat cliffhanger.


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Thank you for "kummerspeck! - best word ever!

Your self-portrait is underselling your enviable cheekbones.

What a beautiful, touching drawing of R and Lula. I do hope she's wrong about her.

Thanks. I hope R is wrong, too. Lula is over 14, though, and you never know...Apart from my soft spot for Lula, I'm afraid R would go completely mad if she lost her, so soon after Cat. She's still really withdrawn and glum.
I don't really have cheekbones, just hollows and creases! ;)

When Lula is on her last few days, she or he? won't be coming out to the dog park for exercise. He/She will be huddled in the corner, listless and foodless and waterless (and maybe having seizures and incontinence).

But if Lula is getting extra loving from R, then work the possibilities Baby Dogg!

She was an extremely greedy dog, but has little appetite nowadays.
However, she's quite mobile, even runs a bit now and then. She doesn't appear seriously ill to me, but neither did the late Cat.

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