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Vanity of Vanities...
  Got new false nails today. I was only going to have them once, to swank with in Paris, but it's so nice not being ashamed of my gnarly, constantly breaking-off nails. I have to stop spending money on fripperies, now that I'm speeding towards real penury, though...Funny, it was only a few weeks ago that I was thinking, well, I do have this little nest egg, maybe I should splash out a bit more, take some posher trips, etc. I was even half-seriously considering a face and neck lift. Well, I guess the gods punished me for my shallow selfishness. Fap!
I also got my hot hair number two'd off in the economical (a fiver-) but filthy barber shop. I can't understand how that place has been there for ages without ever being shut down. They have no running water.The guy also called me 'Mama' after I'd already been 'Auntie'd by a neighbour this morning...
While I was in the nail parlour, I was watching some pop chart TV station, and this truly bizarre video, DARK HORSE,  came on , that seemed to be a sort of Egyptian Hammer Horror meets Candy Crush, with lyrics like "She'll eat your heart, like Jeffrey Dahmer" ... I dunno, the youth of today...
Watched a rather interesting little horror, BORDERLANDS, but it had no subtitles, and I could only understand about half of what was being said.I had a hearing test recently, and it's supposed to be OK, but I need subtitles on the TV all the time.
Also saw the rest of NYMPHOMANIAC the other day. I wouldn't care to sit through both parts at once, but it actually is quite interesting, with an intriguing woowoo element.
I can't seem to upload any doodles at the moment, for some reason. I'm not used to this new LJ interface, yet. Don't see much point to it...

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Breaking nails seem to be one of the many curses of Hashimoto's. Lovely. Mine improved after I started taking iron and also selenium - not cheap but I save on falsies! Enjoy your pretty fingers.

Oh, I didn't realise that. Thought it was just 'old age' I do take a vitamin with iron for geriatrics like moi. In any event real nails can never look as good as a 'wrap' job.

Yes, I keep discovering new exciting things that Hashimoto's does to you and that GPs have no idea about. I had no idea until this year, for example, that if you have Hashi's you're more likely to have anaemia. I wish I had known, when lifting my arms above my head to hang out my washing was like climbing Mt Everest, that it wasn't the thyroid problem as I had assumed but actually anaemia. It's taken me months to get my iron up, but the difference in my energy levels has been immense. Obviously you have to be careful with iron not to overdo it either, but if you haven't been tested you might consider asking the GP for a test next time you're in. I had several years of hideous fatigue I could have avoided. And brittle nails can be Hashi's, anaemia or both!

Will take note. As you say, it's a good idea to check it. Ta.

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