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Vanity of Vanities...

  Got new false nails today. I was only going to have them once, to swank with in Paris, but it's so nice not being ashamed of my gnarly, constantly breaking-off nails. I have to stop spending money on fripperies, now that I'm speeding towards real penury, though...Funny, it was only a few weeks ago that I was thinking, well, I do have this little nest egg, maybe I should splash out a bit more, take some posher trips, etc. I was even half-seriously considering a face and neck lift. Well, I guess the gods punished me for my shallow selfishness. Fap!
I also got my hot hair number two'd off in the economical (a fiver-) but filthy barber shop. I can't understand how that place has been there for ages without ever being shut down. They have no running water.The guy also called me 'Mama' after I'd already been 'Auntie'd by a neighbour this morning...
While I was in the nail parlour, I was watching some pop chart TV station, and this truly bizarre video, DARK HORSE,  came on , that seemed to be a sort of Egyptian Hammer Horror meets Candy Crush, with lyrics like "She'll eat your heart, like Jeffrey Dahmer" ... I dunno, the youth of today...
Watched a rather interesting little horror, BORDERLANDS, but it had no subtitles, and I could only understand about half of what was being said.I had a hearing test recently, and it's supposed to be OK, but I need subtitles on the TV all the time.
Also saw the rest of NYMPHOMANIAC the other day. I wouldn't care to sit through both parts at once, but it actually is quite interesting, with an intriguing woowoo element.
I can't seem to upload any doodles at the moment, for some reason. I'm not used to this new LJ interface, yet. Don't see much point to it...

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