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Twitch Bugs
Comfort eating ginger snaps. This is bad, but I feel so low about the money thing, it's hard to fight the constant hunger, too. Fap.
From time to time, I get a DVD from LoveFilm that I didn't order. This time it was CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, which was actually quite watchable. I felt sorry for the pirates.
I also viewed an animated film about age and dementia, WRINKLES, which was well done, but probably not the best thing for an elderly depressive to watch!
R Next Door still isn't really talking, but is now convinced that Lula has cancer, and is dying. I suppose it's possible, as Lula is over fourteen. She seems OK,though, but so did Cat. I do hope not. For one thing I'm very fond of Lula, for another, I just can't imagine how R would cope, especially so soon after Cat's demise.


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