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Originally posted by crazycrone at Go Me...
Originally posted by crazycrone at Go Me...
Finally, after three days (as opposed to the half hour it's supposed to take). I seem to be properly connected to the new BT box and the new telly. Fingers crossed.
Made another feeble attempt to converse with R Next Door, who maintains she's not interested in anything, nothing matters, etc...
Still haven't found my ring, but I did locate the gum shield thingies for tooth whitening. I need another course...which costs more! I was under the impression that they just kept giving you the stuff until your teeth were properly 'done'! I can certainly no longer afford such fripperies...
Watched a strange old film, WAKE IN FEAR, about a jaded young teacher in the Outback, who loses all his money in a gambling binge with the DELIVERANCE-man types in a remote outpost, while on holiday, ends up stranded there, getting bladdered with these weirdos, joining them on a hideous kangaroo-shooting expedition, getting suicidal, etc. Not bad, really. Very odd. Despite (or because of-) my mother's being born there, I have always felt Australia (at least out in the boonies-) must be a bit of a nightmare. Hot, too,

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