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Originally posted by crazycrone at Go Me...
Originally posted by crazycrone at Go Me...
Finally, after three days (as opposed to the half hour it's supposed to take). I seem to be properly connected to the new BT box and the new telly. Fingers crossed.
Made another feeble attempt to converse with R Next Door, who maintains she's not interested in anything, nothing matters, etc...
Still haven't found my ring, but I did locate the gum shield thingies for tooth whitening. I need another course...which costs more! I was under the impression that they just kept giving you the stuff until your teeth were properly 'done'! I can certainly no longer afford such fripperies...
Watched a strange old film, WAKE IN FEAR, about a jaded young teacher in the Outback, who loses all his money in a gambling binge with the DELIVERANCE-man types in a remote outpost, while on holiday, ends up stranded there, getting bladdered with these weirdos, joining them on a hideous kangaroo-shooting expedition, getting suicidal, etc. Not bad, really. Very odd. Despite (or because of-) my mother's being born there, I have always felt Australia (at least out in the boonies-) must be a bit of a nightmare. Hot, too,

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Congratulations on rejoining the 21st century! Now if only BT would catch up with us.

It sounds as if R is transitioning from genuinely griefstruck back to her usual position as Drama Monarch. Expect chit-chat soon.

a hideous kangaroo-shooing expedition

Sounds rather pleasantly innocuous, although I suspect shooing wasn't the word you were actually going for. Although we tend to be a bit biased about this in New Zealand, I would agree that Oz can be a bit of a nightmare. Given that the closest NZers get to terrifying wildlife is a rare, shy poisonous spider hardly anybody has ever even seen, we regard a country well-stocked with snakes, sharks, crocs, stonefish, bushfires and paralysis ticks (!) with alarm. And the interior is stuffed with drunk racist miners. Like Deliverance only with eight out of ten of the world's most poisonous snakes. Hot, yes (I've been in Sydney when it's been 42 degrees), although not always. Every time I've been to Melbourne it's rained. Every. Single. Time.

Ha, 'shooing' must have been a subconscious attempt to soften the nastiness of that scene, which was pretty vile.Apparently that film created a scandal in Oz, with its portrayal of Outbackers as gruesomely dreadful Deliverance Men. My mum was from Melbourne, which I must say always looks the most tolerable place there.

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