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Freakin' Out...

Stayed in (another no exercise day!) waiting for BT to deliver the new router and TV box we have to have before June when they switch off the old ones AND the new TV/DVD, I paid extra to have it set up, but that didn't include connecting it to BT. So...Hours of sweat and tears. I've got the internet back, thank gods, and the TV is working, although I can't connect that to the internet, and have no feckin' way to use iPlayer, or record anything. If only I had that elusive techno-savvy slave! I've also got that Bleeding Heart or whatever it is- virus, I think. I'm running so slowly , and I've got non-stop pop-ups that I can't delete. Succorso!
I think I've lost my cool silver ring with the crescent moon on it, too. It was getting loose, and I think it may have fallen off somewhere. Fuck.
I still want to eat an X-large double mushroom pizza, too.
I rather like HINTERLAND; maybe a bit formulaic, but I like the Scandi-like melancholy environment and hangdog tecs,
The Skullcracker has been re-captured, so I guess that's one less thing to worry about.

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