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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Crawl, You Worm...
Currently enjoying the guilty pleasure of Rupert Everett's most recent memoir, while coincidentally watching his LOVE FOR SALE documentary on TV. He said something horribly sexist about how women who object to their hubbies seeing prostitutes should just get some racy lingerie on, but he's one of those awful people like Brian Sewell, that I can't help liking. I think he'd be great fun to hang out with.
He was talking to a dominatrix, at one point, who sells her shit for £25 a po(o)p! That's a bit much for me, but I honestly wouldn't mind paddling some mope for a good remuneration, and I would LOVE to have a slave to wash the windows, etc. Apparently some guys prefer to be disciplined by old, ugly women, so I might have a chance for a new 'career' when I'm destitute again...Wish I knew how you go about these things. I would have
a problem not laughing, though.
The people trapped in the lift yesterday were in there for eight hours, all told. They were all OK, though, thankfully.

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Love the Leematrix doodle!

The last three years I lived on St. Mark's Place, I had to look for a new roommate about every three months. At least one of them wanted to be my "personal slave."

"Would this be in exchange for a reduction in rent?" I asked.

He said he just wanted to dress up in women's clothes and have me give him orders. I should have asked for references and possibly taken him up on it; my whole life might have been different!

Hur hur, you have a bit of a headmistressy vibe going on in that catsuit... or is it just the school I went to?

Edited at 2014-05-06 09:21 pm (UTC)

I think several of the nuns at my school missed their true 'vocation.'! There was one who used a breadboard ('The Board of Education') for discipline.

I watched one documentary where a bloke wanted to have his mouth as an ashtray and have the crap beaten out of him. I find it a bit odd but I support it's whatever gets you through.

The Nick Farage cartoon is coming on. He would make a brilliant Spitting Image puppet :-)

Oh yes, he'd be brilliant. Boris, too, Gove, Dave, etc. etc. We need Fluck & Law to do them all.

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