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Drama On And Offstage...

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I found both lifts out of order this morning, and as I toiled downwards, I met a series of (good-looking-) firemen puffing upwards. Seems there were SIX poor devils stuck at the 18th floor, and they'd been in there since 4 AM
They were still stuck when I left the park to go up to Venn Street, at about 11:30. I was worried at first that R Next Door and the dawgs might have been trapped, as she sometimes takes them out in the dead of night.
I don't know when they were finally freed, but thank gods there was one working lift when I got back from the film. It must have been really ripe in there. Poor souls. The lift had been wobbling scarily all week, but they always refuse to do anything until there's an actual breakdown. The firefighters had to break through the concrete wall, in the end, so we'll be without that lift for months, probably. Shit.
KING LEAR was good. I found it rather stagey at first (well, it was onstage-) but by the end I was well involved. Simon Russell Beale, of course, was brill. He played it borderline demented from the start,  putting me in mind of my mother, with the irrational outbursts of aggression, etc, and ended up bludgeoning the Fool to death.
The supporting cast was really strong, and I particularly liked Stephen Boxer's Gloucester (beautiful voice-) and Richard Clothier as Albany. All in all, it didn't bowl me over as much as the HAMLET, but it was pretty damn fine.
THE THEBANS got some very positive reviews, despite my indifference to its allure.

Simon Russell Beale as Lear, with Adrian Scarborough as the Fool

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