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Well, that was a bit strenuous...The music wasn't quite as 'squeaky gate' as I'd anticipated. There was some very strong choral stuff, actually, and the ENO choir made the most of it. The set was very handsome, lots of stairs and textured slabs,(Tom Pye), very effectively lit (Jean Kalman) The soloists were good, although there was a lot of illness about, including Oedipus (Roland Wood, whose understudy (excellent) sang from a stage box while he mimed.) and Jocasta (Susan Bickley) who got through it sounding OK. The pace was a bit...stately, though, not helped by two intervals, and I didn't feel any emotional involvement.
There were a lot of school kids in attendance, and I wondered what they were making of all the incest, and possibly, for them, obscure classical references.They seemed to like it more than anyone else, though, whooping and cheering for the singers, especially the younger men (including fine countertenor Christopher Ainslie) and Matthew Best, who was impressive as Tiresias. All in all a bit Worthy, though. I'm pleased I saw it, but I wouldn't want to sit through it again in a hurry.


I took the lift to the balcony, but walked back down which only hurt a bit (Thank you, Jesus-) Just as well, as I don't imagine I'll be doing a lot of swanking in boxes, in future...
THEN, when I got to the Strand, the board said the 87 was due in 2 minutes. Ten minutes or so later, it vanished from the display. There was a big crowd of people who'd got there before me, waiting, as well. Then we were told that there were cancellations and diversions because of the May Day Rally. (I'd forgotten all about it!) Soooo, I hobbled on down to Waterloo in the rain for a 77, which was a long time coming, but at least it came. Why meee? I always seem to get caught up in these things. Once again, though, I praise the powers that be that I was able to get there with much less pain than a couple of years ago.
Later on, I watched the rest of that unusual DON GIOVANNI that was on BBC2 at the weekend. I liked it, but I'm not at all sure what was going on. I enjoyed Donna Anna's very voluntary involvement with the Don (She looked strikingly like Grace Kelly, BTW, while Giovanni was a Johnny Depp clone-) The last scenes were very odd, though, and I'm not sure what to make of them. He ended up alone onstage while the others sang a truncated version of the finale... Isolated in Hell, or reaching for redemption? (He'd shown signs of remorse, despite his protests, earlier.) Well worth checking out, and it's still on iPlayer.

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