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Medical Records.
While leafing through my medical history at the GP's, I noticed several references to myself as 'this pleasant lady'. I know other people have been described thus,as well. What is that, in doctors' code?  I assume it indicates you're not violent or anything. One patronising git described me as 'articulate' and 'casually dressed'. What that had to do with my allergies, I don't know...
I find myself rather moved by the double canonisation of the Popes today.I always did reckon John XXIII was big-time holy. As for Jean Paul II, he was so charismatic and attractive you couldn't help liking him, despite his blinkered conservatism, and again, I always felt that even with his faults, he was a sincerely good, holy person, doing his best according to his convictions, and even saints can't do more than that.
Insanely, I find myself hoping that if the heavenly duo are throwing around miracles in celebration, they chuck a mini-one my way..If I really must be totally impoverished in old age, I hope I'm given the grace to somehow 'make the most of it', and not be such a bitter old bitch. I know I'm a million times better off than about 75% of the poor sods on this earth, for all my afflictions.
I suppose it is strange, my maintaining some some sort of belief in various flying spaghetti monsters, even this late in life, and despite my abhorrence of the harm done by most organised religion,, but I feel strongly that there is something more... and if I actually did believe that this rather dismal life was absolutely all there is, I don't think I could go on. On the other hand, a lot of atheists seem to find their belief that this is IT, somehow comforting. Perhaps the comfort is the important thing.
Been doodle-riffing on the Lewis Chessmen a lot recently. I've always particularly liked those shield-biting berserkers..

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The harm done by most organized religion: there is no such thing as organized religion, except for the Catholic Church. Every other manifestation of religion, including atheism, counts as chaotic religion. The Catholic Church is the only group that has a central court of appeal with the power to expel or to reverse the decisions of a lower court. Otherwise, even where there are mechanisms for keeping doctrine straight - and by no means all religious bodies have those - these take place at the lowest level of organization - the local temple, mosque or synagogue. In effect, that is the only level of organization that exists. The excommunication of Baruch Spinoza, an epic moment in the history of philosophy, was carried out by his own little synagogue. The result is that the amount of difference in doctrine and practice between supposedly common bodies is incredible. Jews may or may not believe in eternal life, and a good few of those who do believe in reincarnation. (It was apparently a commonplace view among Russian Jews that Napoleon must be the reincarnation of some mighty monarch, since they could not believe that such a low-born man could so shake Europe.) Buddhists are supposed to believe that the Buddha is now one with the Infinite, and yet Mahayana Buddhists - who are the majority - believe that the benevolence of the Buddha, this being that no longer exists, is still effective enough to save their own selves. As for practice, there is no limit to the diversity. The fact is that any ten properly consecrated monks can consecrate a monk, and that once they are done, there are very few limits to what that monk can say or do. And in most religions, you don't even go so far: the temples of Hinduism, for instance, are wholly independent of each other.

No, my dear, when you attack "organized religion", there is only one thing you attack. You can take the Irish lass out of the Church....

One patronising git described me as 'articulate' and 'casually dressed'. What that had to do with my allergies, I don't know...

Well, when you cease to be "articulate" and start "ranting", the next GP will know that you have become a Crazy Ol' Lady. As for the "casual dress", it must be a euphemism for "Doesn't Wear a Handmade TinFoil hat...YET...but it is a future possibility with this one".

LOL sounds like me in a few years :-)

I've had "this pleasant lady" too. Googling seems to indicate it's a stock phrase. If you were crappy, they might drop the pleasant, since you can't be rude about people in these letters.
At least, I hope that's the spin on it!

'This pleasant lady' - misled, self-medicator.
'Articulate' - gobby, but in an educated way.
'Casually dressed' - Romanian baglady.

Just kidding - but I would be a bit miffed at this quasi personality profile. It's not like it is important re the med notes.

I think you're right that "this pleasant lady" means "did not strangle me with my own stethoscope when I told her to stop self-diagnosing via the Internet".

One of my friends makes it a game to see how often her deathfat is meantioned in her notes despite its complete lack of relevance to her complaint. When she went to A&E for an ear infection she thought that this was one occasion when she could count on it not coming into the picture, but when she saw her notes the doctor had remarked that her BMI had increased.

I was surprised that deathfat didn't come up as much as I'd imagined it would. There were some snarky comments from a now-famous consultant at the defunct Obesity Clinic in London. Have you ever noticed how often doctors specialising in obesity are scrawny little men?

Good God, I'd never even noticed the shield biting! Too busy aww-ing at the horsies (I think that's the technical term)with the fringes in their eyes.

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