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Kevin Spacey And King Kong...

All go in dreamland these days...I was living in a sort of commune, a huge white 'clapperboard' house with porch, etc. There was a big party, and I was just going to slink off to hermit in my room, when I was approached by Mr. Spacey, in rather flirtatious mode. He said he really wanted to talk to me alone, and he'd come to my room when he could get away, about 3 a.m. I think wayhey, and retire cheerfully to my chamber. Of course, I soon need to pee, and while I'm using the loo,a pretty young man with long blond hair flings open the door I've forgotten to lock, and is so appalled by the sight of me, that he steps backwards and falls noisily over a hoover. I can't find any toilet paper, and I'm having difficulty pulling my trousers up, as I stumble away awkwardly. I glance into a room opposite, and there is Spacey, sitting on a good-looking woman's bed, smoking, and they both goggle in horror at the apparition that is moi. I think well, fuck you, then, and stomp out of the house mortified and vexed.
Out on a main road, I'm joined by my sister, and a couple of young women I don't know. Accross the road, standing in the top of a tall tree is a raging, arm-waving King Kong (He's really only 'Son-of-Kong'-sized, but awesome enough.) It seems my sister was supposed to be guarding his cage, but let him out accidentally.It looks like the tree is going to collapse at any time, and Kong will be on the rampage in the street. A car stalls right underneath, and a Man of Middle Eastern Appearance gets out and legs it, just as the tree starts to crumble, crushing the auto. Several other people are running around in panic. My sister and the others get over the road to Kong's side, which is actually safer, as there's a sort of air raid shelter there. I'm stuck right opposite Kong, with cars speeding to and fro in front of me. I'm so fascinated by the spectacle of the big ape's lumbering fury that I'm not even very frightened. I wonder if this is a sign of the impening Apocalypse, and start to make notes.

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