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I phoned the council. Actually got through on the third try. I have to give them bank statements, etc. I mean they already know, if they've found out I have too much in savings to get housing benefit Once I've paid them off, and started paying full rent, most of my wee legacy will be gone. I hope I have enough left for the op I can't get on the NHS (nothing 'serious' except to me-). Doesn't look like I'll be doing much more travel, though, or be able to get any help when I'm more decrepit, or replace things that break down.
No sign of R Next Door at all, this morning. She's kind of my negative muse. I miss her greatly, but she's acting out so hard since Cat died, I wonder if she'll ever get back to her sort of 'normal' again.It makes me feel extra-lonely. Sometimes I do wish I was still with one or another of my list of crap boyfriends. Having a steady partner to confide in seems such a blessing at times.Then again, I really should know from long experience that alone is better than being with some psychologically abusive headbanger, shouldn't I?
JAMAICA INN was passable diversion. I know I read it as a kid, but don't remember much, except that I 'saw' Uncle Joss as this physically gigantic, frightening figure, and the actor playing him seemed rather slight, although he was competent.
I still have that horrible falling-down- a-lift shaft sensation in my stomach, constantly. It's dampened down my appetite, though, which   I guess is a silver lining of sorts, as I'd been eating a lot.
Oh yes, another root canal session in the morning...

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