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Tumbling Down...
_IMG_NEWWell, I've just lost my housing benefit and my council tax benefit, and gods know what else is going to happen to me. I'm fucked. What little money I had stashed will soon be gone. I want to cry and vomit at the same time, but can't actually do either. I don't want to go into the tedious details.
O, I am Fortune's fool!

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Fuck! Is there no chance of an appeal?

It's complicated. I'll probably be lucky not to go to jail!

If you are in a vulnerable position, you need to get advice - Citizen's Advice or whatever, if they can't help then get them to find someone who can. Also, find out about the appeal process.

I know, but Citizens' Advice is almost impossible to access nowadays. I's difficult for me to cope, at the best of times, but I'll have to, somehow.

For a start, I'll be your CAB. I've been there and know a thing or two about these things. I sent you my contact details via IM.

Thanks Fabio, I shall be in touch when I'm a bit more composed. Bless ya.

First up big internet hugs.
If you need someone to make calls/help with forms etc (remotely)then let me know.
I will message you on FB.
Camilla x

I'm very grateful. I may need to ask you for info, etc. at some point. First I'll see if Age Concern can point me anywhere, as Jason suggested.

And I agree about Age Concern

I am really sorry I hope that something goes right for you.

Thanks so much. It really does help to know that people, even 'strangers' give a damn.

We sure do…my first thought reading this was that you must be able to stall them. Do you have Legal Aid over there?

I''m currently involved with a housing suit, and I know all things legal move at a glacial pace; do what you can to buy time! Wish I had better advice than this, but I'm in the States.

You can't settle it in the courts, so legal aid is not really an issue. What she wants is a good appeal (if she is in the right) to the authority itself. If not, I would look at spending what I have left and then applying for HB again. The system is crazy in that it punishes people for saving.

The system is crazy in that it punishes people for saving.

That's like here; people receiving benefits (Social Security, welfare) often try and get off-the-books work so they won't lose their benefits for having a job.

but "Damn!" is understating. Jeez.

Sorry to hear this. Wishing you the best and a favorable resolution.

I'm so sorry to hear this - it must be devastating. Not much I can do from halfway across the world, but hopefully people closer will be able to help you through it. The very, very best of luck for a more positive result.

If or when you feel up to it, I found this useful, plain-English page at Shelter about the cuts:

The two things I thought were most important in it:

THey suggest you ask your council if you're eligible for a discretionary housing payment to cover rent shortfalls

Re the council tax part, it doesn't affect pensioners. I'm a bit vague on when people are eligible for a pension, but if that's you, could be a ray of hope....

Bloody hell! I've no ideas, hope you can get the council to reconsider.

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