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*Le Sigh*
dot cotton
I really don't want to wait for the DVDs to see GAME OF THRONES 4. Anyone want to share their illegal downloads? ( I had SKY years ago, but they are so vile I swore not to give them my money again. Sometimes it's hard, though...)
There were two things on TV worth watching last night, after all. The documentary about the Coram Hospital and MESSIAH was moderately interesting. Next on BBC2 was a compilation of pop and rock performances over the 50 years, which was fun.
Easter, weirdly, often fills me with despair. I certainly feel glum this year.
R Next Door actually came round, to give me some litter and stuff no longer needed by the late Cat. She wouldn't come in, or talk, though. Just said she can never recover.She looks like hammered shit. If she doesn't stop crying, she'll end up with grooves down her cheeks like St Peter! What can I do about it? Bugger all, it seems.

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Oh you're doing the teeth whitening... looks like the same process I used. It seemed to work for me, in that I'm no longer too embarrassed to smile for photos. I have naturally yellow teeth, I was bullied for having "dirty" teeth as a child and it's always bugged me. I toyed with the idea of getting my teeth done for decades, finally got round to it only last year. There's a part of you feels guilty for indulging in something cosmetic, but afterwards you feel such relief you wish you'd done it sooner.

In the last few years, my teeth have become REALLY manky and browny-yallery. Just gross. I can't afford this 'procedure', of course, but my teeth are bad enough without looking 'dirty'. (Shoulda had braces as a kid, but parents couldn't afford-)
Only been doing it two days, but it seems to be starting to work.

Anyone want to share their illegal downloads?

Here is a link that my daughter and her boyfriend use. If you click on the episode you get a menu of places that you can either download the episode onto your computer or "watch now".

I can't say that I've used the site myself so I don't know how easy it is to work it. Someone else migh have a better way.

I only watched the first 4 episodes of series one and then I switched to reading the books instead.

It will get easier for "R" :( It's very sad to lose a beloved cat.

Yow, McAfee says that site is infected and won't let me use it...I don't understand these things. Thanks anyway
Re:cat grief. I know, I've snivelled over dead animals on the bus, taken a day off work after one cat died, 'cos I couldn't face the world, and still grizzle when I think of my Best Cat Ever, Wotan.
Still, R's performance seems very extreme, and unfair to others, not to mention herself.We all gotta cope in our own way, of course.

Edited at 2014-04-20 10:57 am (UTC)

The problem is the site has a lot of pop-up ads and that is where the trojans would be. The same goes for download sites, they also have a lot of pop up ads. Baddies insert trojans into pop-up ads on popular sites

I use firefox and I've got adblock add-on, so I don't get any pop-up ads, and then I don't get any trojans.

'R' doesn't seem to have much emotional control. It's very sad to lose a beloved cat but you have to make an effort to snap yourself out of it.
Maybe she's feeling guilty about the death of the cat, maybe she thinks that something she did or didn't do contributed to the cat's death.

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