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I've been really overeating the last few days; junk food, of course. Must take control...
R continues to 'act mad'. Can't go on forever, surely.
Bought one of those super-light cabin suitcases at TK Maxx. Extravagant, but it really is incredibly light, and it's a four-wheeler. It's bright blue, alas, but that's better than orange or yellow-green. When it comes to luggage, I like sober black. I also got a 50p clearance  bag of 'humbugs' from South Africa which taste OK, but smell like urine
Watching AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM, which is a huge improvement over the lame first season.

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I hope R starts to feel better soon. It's very sad to lose a beloved cat

It's sad for R to lose Cat of course, but she's testing my patience (as usual!) by taking it out on all around her. No doubt she'll get over her fatwa - she usually does.

I'm a bright suitcase girl myself - I can never understand how anyone manages to identify their black one. Light ones are worth their weight in urine-whiffing sweeties.

Yes, I know what you mean about black one being hard to find. I have a nice case in camoflage print, but it's one of those hard ones and doesn't stretch;kinda heavy, too. Still, for some reason, I prefer black.'Goes with everything' I suppose.

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