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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Another Boring Masterpiece...
Finally got through BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOUR. I never saw the graphic novel, so can't compare. I'm not entirely putting it down, either. Visually, it was very nice, especially the use of 'blue' throughout, but it was all just soo overblown. Two cherub-faced barely legal-looking  girlies are attracted to each other, get together, bonk frequently and at length, until things cool down a bit. Then they fall out; one is heartbroken, the other rather less so, and eventually life goes on. This took three hours.
Also re-watched SUSPICION and REBECCA, both of which showed their age, but were more entertaining. J'adore  'Mrs. Danvers'.
R Next Door is still deep in dramatic mourning for Cat. I sympathise, but surely she doesn't need to take it out on the dawgs, me, anyone else seh encounters, and herself. ("I haff not eaten since last Saturday. I hope I die soon.") I feel guilty that I didn't appreciate how ill Cat really was. Every time the animals get some lurgy or injury she says they'r dying.Who knew? *Sigh*


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I first saw Suspicion during a film festival. The entire audience was on the edge of their seats, fifty years after the film was made. Now that's genius.

I streamed it and fell asleep twice during Blue is the Warmest Color. And it was just part one and/or two of Whatshername's story according to the credits.

(Deleted comment)
Well, that's only 'IMHO', of course. An awful lot of people seem to think it's brilliant.(But ZZZZ...)

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