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Poorly in Paris...
Things didn't go quite to plan. The travelling, thank gods, was simple enough, and the guide looked after everyone very well. I came don with a hideous full-on juicy cold Thursday, though, and was blowing my nose and gobbing greenies the whole trip (Still am-)
There was a mix-up about the dates we were going, and poor H hadn't packed or anything, so Thursday was a bit fraught. The journey on Friday was straightforward, though.
Saturday we did Versailles, I still feel the same about it. You'v got to be awed by the sheer scale and ornateness, but it strikes me as strangely cold and lifeless.
Poor H overdid the walking, and while on the coach for the night tour of Paris, she nearly collapsed from the pain and could barely move, so we didn't go to the viewing platform to see the Eiffel tower do its hourly sparkle thing.She was finding it nearly impossible to walk at al,l by then, and decided to spend Sunday in the dismal
hotel room, to rest her leg/hip. I didn't want to leave her like that, but she insisted, so I  guiltily went along on the trip to Montmartre (took the finicular up to Sacre Coeur, which is still wonderful, and walked back down...slowly but painlessly.) This was followed by the boat ride on the Seine. Corny as it is, I enjoyed it immensely. We were lucky with the weather, and it only got a little chilly on the water. I was bitten by a mosquito or something, though, and my hand is all swollen, itchy and sore.
In the meantime, H had at least got an English book to read from the hotel's lost property, and the rest did help. She was a lot better today, and coped well with the trip home.
We'd actually had no time to do or see anything apart from the included trips. Even if H had been able, the queues at the museums were huge.
I am now, needless to say, drained, still hawking and snuffling, itchy and cantankerous. More details later, no doubt.
Pont Neuf bridge Masceron tongue
Had an excellent view of all the Pont Neuf faces, as the boat sailed under.

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Oh no, poor H! What a shame. And a shame about your cold too. It should be illegal to get sick when you travel and yet it seems to happen more often than not.

Haven't been to Versailles since I was 22, but it sounds like it hasn't changed much:). I agree it's cold and lifeless. I was particularly disappointed by the Orangerie, which was so relentlessly symmetrical it might as well have been cast in concrete for all the resemblance it had to anything living.

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