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The World of Whirling Lesbians...

Dreamt a rather attractive young woman with dark cropped hair took me to a theatre to see a lesbian dance troupe rehearsing. We stood on stage as the girls did cartwheels in big round skirts; some black, some white. The material billowed out so it looked like a lot of open brollies were whirling round and round. Very effective, I thought. The girl who was escorting me seemed to think that I was going to be working there, and was getting friendly. She was cute; sort of foxy kd lang-ish features. I thought maybe I should mention I was straight, then decided to just let it go, and see what happened...
Then, I was back in bloody Williston Park, Long Island. The house next to my parents' had been sold and a couple of jovial gay men were sitting on the front lawn in folding chairs eating apples that were falling from their tree. They were friendly and offered me an apple, which I took. I found them good company, but figured my parents were going to freak out. ( I was about 13 or so-) Hmmmmm, all very interesting...
God, it feels chilly in here. had to turn the heat on. Still pissing around with that 'hairy women' thing.

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