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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Too Much Telly Woman, C'est Moi...
INSPECTOR DE LUCA isn't bad. I like the period 'look', but the Italian tecs aren't gritty enough for me. I need me some SPIRAL or Scandi Noir!
Saw former City Lit classmate Antony Gormley on WHAT DO ARTISTS DO ALL DAY? Holy Mary, how wealthy must that guy be? That studio...Of course, he needs all the space, technology, and army of assistants to produce the kind of work he usually does, but how on earth, even with the majorly big bucks his stuff brings in, can he finance a place like that?
EASTENDERS spoiler. Whoever was in Nick Cotton's coffin has been hastily cremated without Dot's getting to see him. The new policeman 'grandson' seems to have coerced the undertaker into collaborating in whatever scam he (and not-dead Nick?) have concocted. Must say 'Charlie' does bear a certain resemblance to Dot's late husband Charlie. Nice casting, there.


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I've never heard them called that!

Oh God, I can identify with the bingo wings. Some sadist took a photo of me recently - I look like a beanbag with a neck!!

When I do aerobics (inspired by your excellent example exercise-wise) my bingo wings flap wildly as I wave my arms around.

Yeah, I used to do it in the 80s (actually I was forcibly dragged to a class by friends when I was depressed and it helped hugely) and now I do it at home with Richard Simmons DVDs. He looks like a joke, but man, he can whoop your ass.

Oh, that man is SOOO repellent! I agree, though, he has good music and stuff.

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