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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Dull Days...
There's just so much I want and need to be doing, but I'm immobilised by the  depression. Made an appointment for the quack, anyway. Even things like that are amazingly difficult; picking up the phone and making an appointment. Och!
Did manage to touch up and put some varnish on the wee plaster 'sun' from the museum in Riga. I hung it up, and rather like it. I wasn't ready to leave Riga,which aggravates my grumpiness. I needed another 2-3 days for full 'satisfaction', I think. Among other things, I never got around to the outdoor ethnographic museum in the suburbs.
motodraconis liked it, and one of the couples at the hotel went, and they were impressed. If I do get a chance to go back, though, it's sensible to wait until the National Art Gallery has re-opened sometime in 2015.
Further to the dogfight yesterday, Ziggy is one of those massive, muscular Labradors with a head like a bull's. 'The other Peppi' is a scrappy individual, complete with cojones. They just gave each other the odd nip, but it could have been nasty. After R got her breath back from her astonishing feat of screeching, she sternly admonished Peppi 2's human for allowing an entire dog off the lead, and insisted all urban dogs should be neutered. It does actually make sense, I guess. There's no point in them NOT being 'fixed' if you don't intend to breed them, and why risk the unwanted pregnancies and fights? Peppi 2's owner was a bit pissed off, though (R has a way of pissing people off...)

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The Fightful Circumstances...

You can see that Peppi I thought that R was shrieking his name because she wanted him to join in the fight.

Peppi I, being the sensible dog that he is, declined but acted concerned so that he wouldn't be punished. The dog dominance fight was no business of his. No doubt, Peppi II went home and licked his balls. BECAUSE HE HAS BALLS TO LICK!

The Adventures of Peppi are always interesting.

Outdoor Ethnographic museums seem to be a thing in Scandinavia and the Baltics. If you fetch up in one of the other capitals, you should have another chance to see one, they're cool but rather similar.

Come to think of it, I think there may be one in Serbia.

Love the drawing of the dogs. Ziggy is hilariously terrifying and Peppi II is just hilarious. Love Peppi I's "What the FUCK, lady?" expression.

Ziggy is actually a rather genial, not-overly-bright dog,who drools a lot and covets carrots. but he IS an Alpha type
Don't mess with him.

I half expected a Baxdale type horrible owner to appear and collect the evil looking dog.

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