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Har, For My Next Conquest...

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This Guy: you like strangers. Freak.

Which guy are you destined to have sex with?
brought to you by Quizilla

A pervy-looking KMart manager! Oh well, I'd be lucky, I suppose...
I'm all traumatised now, 'cos I got yet ANOTHER huge form to fill out from the department of Work and Pensions -"We Need More Information"; threatening another examination by official medico, etc. Never fails to scare the shit outa me; I just went through all this about 6 weeks ago for the disability pittance people. Whimper... I mean, if I weren't unemployable, I'd probably voluntarily take another slavejob at this point, just so I could buy books now and then, and eat too.
Oh well, better hoover. Wotan is moulting like crazy. Yup, it's bloody Spring, OK. Grumble...
Just took AOL's 'Anger' quiz. I am a Whimpering Whinger and need to address my, like, self-esteem issues...

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