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Had to wait for over an hour past my appointment time in the tiny stuffy waiting room, which was packed. The toilet still doesn't flush properly. either.
BBC News kept announcing the demise of Clarissa Dixon Wright at 66. As usual, when a fat person dies early, I imagine everyone doing a Nelson Muntz "HAH Ha...Died 'cos (s)he was FAT!"  (They didn't say what she'd died of.)  I kept thinking "My age...Will that happen to ME?", etc. The constant 'Obesity Epidemic' stuff hits home, however absurd you know a lot of it is...
I think it must have been a hard day in the vascular clinic. They all seemed tired and crabby, and I certainly was. My veins are ginormous, so I'll probably need another session, on the left leg, at least. They decided to work on both legs today, so I'm now mummy-wrapped from heel to hip, and rather sore. It seemed more unpleasant than last time.
Kept falling asleep in front of the TV, but managed to watch THE WIDOWER. Reese Shearsmith really does give good creepy.

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Clarissa DW was a recovered alcoholic though so the drink would have finished her off far sooner if she hadn't quit, not that alcohol gets nearly as much press as a health menace (although to be fair it does get a lot but fat always get the most).

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