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Travel Triumph...
As a PS to my Riga ramblings (Actually, some of my blathering got deleted somewhere along the line, but I suppose enough is enough!) On the dreary return haul, I'd been given a window seat, and was dreading the terrible struggle of getting in and out of it... It wasn't that easy, but on the other hand, I managed OK, AND for the first time in decades, I fastened my seatbelt! Major chortle.

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Welcome back from your travels.

It's good to know that you enjoyed yourself after all your trepidations about travel before you went. Are you more secure about traveling now? And where is next on your itinerary?

Just curious about why you chose Riga.

I've been studying the Baltic Holidays site. They're really good, some excellent bargains. I like the Eastern European vibe and want to make more visits there...Although (see above-) I expect I'll be every bit as silly about the airport, etc. as this time.Even when going with company, I'm very fretful about documents, connections, times, etc.

Well, I'd fancied Riga for some time: cheap, not too touristy, ex-Eastern Bloc,lots of culture, etc.,and saw this incredibly cheap offer online, so I just had to do it.
Motodraconis went a couple of years ago, too, and I recalled that her LJ posts and photos really had me drooling.I wasn't disappointed.
I'd like to think I'll be less dreadfully weedy about my next solo excursion, but sadly, knowing me, I doubt it. Don't know about next time; depends largely on value for money,alas. Tallinn? Krakow?...

Time to book the next jaunt - you've broken the seal of fear for travelling alone. :)

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