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At noon I begin the first leg of the Riga adventure, to Stansted, to spend the evening in a Premier Inn, so that I don't have to do the full journey in the middle of the night. Jesus help me.
R Next Door is seriously concerned that the situation in Ukraine makes it likely that my Latvia-bound RyanAir plane will be blown out of the sky.(!?)  She likes my new specs, though. "That looks better-a bit less freakish."
I'm sick with nerves, of course, and obsessively going through my documents, etc., which I did about 200 times yesterday. Looking on the bright side, if I survive this without a complete psychotic break, I am going to feel soo absurdly heroic!
Will probably be taking an internet break until Sunday/ Monday. Wish me luck.

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Hope you have a great time :-)

have a great time!

Uh, did someone explain to her that the Ukraine is two or three thousand kilometres away from Riga? Have fun, anyway. I hear they are all tall and blonde over there.

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