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A Tittering of Magpies...
Gotta love the corvis clan. The park downstairs has a substantial population of big, crabby crows, and treesful of sassy magpies.(They can recognise their own reflections in a mirror-) It's kind of BIRDS-like, when they're all sat in the bare branches, chattering away; at least twenty of 'em this morning. I'm a bit afraid of them too, because of the eyeball-pecking thing. Their antics really help take my mind of my travel terror, and the tedium of exercise, though.

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Huggin and Muggin give Wotan some Dark Words


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In New Zealand magpies have a beautiful song (it's a different species, the Australian magpie or something) so Dean always gets upset by the creepy noise the magpies here (that look the same) make. It's kind of cool though if you never got used to the pretty voiced magpies!

I love magpies so much! Anything crow like is fine by me but magpies are the best.

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