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Give me MONEY...

Working away still trying to concoct CVs, etc. that make me look all politically correct and involved with the community, and suchlike stuff wot grant-dispensing types like to see. Not easy, needless to say... Still can't believe that this excursion to Serbia is actually a viable possibility. Gosh...
More good news! Got a letter from the pet insurance place informing me they've paid the vet (quickly! no questions asked!) £625 for fixing Wotan. That still leaves me about £250 in the hole for the stuff that wasn't covered, but Christ, what if I hadn't had that insurance? Whew, praise once again to the dieties of critters and their impoverished pals!
Visited LIDL, on behalf of Renate. It's been spruced up a bit, with more space for the special offers. The goody this week was a 28" TV/DVD combi for £399; not bad at all. They also put in a few new checkout points, but the queues were still murder. They got in more cheap booze, too...

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