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Just managed to get a new CV typed up; have done nothing else all day. More weird dreams about my old workplace, and people there humiliating me. Cripes, you'd think I'd be over it, wouldn't you?
Wotan looks so young and plump and glossy; it really is like a miracle (touch wood). I wish I could be rejuvenated in a few weeks. Wow...
There continues to be an unusual amount of police activity around here.Sirens all the time. Twice in the past week I've seen people stopped. In some ways,though, the world seems to be on hold, a Limbo of one long murky day, and a feeling of Something's Gonna Happen...
I've been obsessing about early childhood a lot; weird TV programmes like ANDY'S GANG and RAMAR OF THE JUNGLE...

Did they have them in the UK, I wonder? ANDY'S GANG was particularly peculiar; very sleazy and vaguely frightening. I still sing the advertising jingles and 'Indian' chants from the GUNGA & RAMA serial to myself, nearly 50 years later, and the thought of Midnight the Cat still makes me feel a bit uneasy...
By the way, for anyone who doesn't spend far too much time watching TV, Isaac Newton was heavily into alchemy, and he also reckoned the world would end in 2063.

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