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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Angst At Victoria...
Originally posted by crazycrone at Angst At Victoria...
I keep shivering. Hope this is not another sign of Impending Lurgy. Pleeeeze just let it wait until I get back home, gods! It does actually feel pretty cold, though. Village Idiot Hat saw action in the outdoor gym this morning.
I went over to Victoria on a reccy to find the Terravision coach stop to Stansted, and couldn't! Ohhhh Jesus...The map they provide makes no sense to me, and there are two stops. I don't know which one I'm supposed to use, if I could find either...I'll try again tomorrow. Their FAQ is useless. Bloody good thing I didn't just go to Victoria on the day.
On the plus side, I got my new specs! Dropped into Boots on the Strand on the off chance, and yes, they'd just come in. Hup! Vision is rather better now, and I look a leetle less hideous.